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Roy and Carol purchased this 40 acre farm in the rolling hills of Clay County in 1982. The large barn drew them to the property and though it was falling down, the potential was there to give it new life. Today it is the focal point for the tree farm activities.. 

Roy & Carol along with their pup Hudson welcome everyone to their farm each year starting on Friday after Thanksgiving.  When you come out the to the farm you become part of the family along with the staff.  Some of the staff working trees has been with Roy & Carol for nearly 20 years, and will possibly remember the tree preference you have from year to year along with the car it goes to. 


Here is a list of all the items we will take care of for you during your visit with us...

Step 1: Meet you at the car with a saw and give you directions

Step 2: Direct you to a field to cut down your own tree, or walk with you to the rows of pre-cut trees 

Step 3: If you cut down your tree and start dragging toward the barn staff will meet you and take it off your hands

Step 4: Staff will shake out the dead needles & nests from the tree with our Shakee machines.

*During this step you have the opportunity to watch or go in the barn for hot chocolate, hot cider, coffee, and cookies.  You can also browse through the many hand-made wreaths, centerpieces, door swags, and ornaments.  NOTE: The treats are free, but the other items are for purchase

Step 5: Staff will bail your tree so it is wrapped tight enough to fit through your door at home.

Step 6: Staff will either load the tree onto your vehicle and tie when needed or place in the back of a truck.

*We have twine available to tie so no need to worry about bringing your own rope unless you prefer it.

Step 7: You pay for your tree and any other items, and have a MERRY CHRISTMAS!

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