Below are all of the trees that can be found & sold at the Christmas Ranch Tree Farm.  We are able to grow several different types of trees in Excelsior Springs, but each year we do bring in trees from places like North Carolina or Michigan with types that cannot be grown locally. 

Cut down yourself from our local farm:

Scotch Pine

White Pine

Virginia Pine

Canaan Fir

Douglas Fir

Norway Spruce (only cut 2 wks prior to Christmas)

Cut down off-site due to our climate not being suitable to grow in Excelsior Springs:

Fraser Fir

Concolor Fir

Douglas Fir


Roy and Carol purchased this 40 acre farm in the rolling hills of Clay County in 1982. The large barn drew them to the property and though it was falling down, the potential was there to give it new life. Today it is the focal point for the tree farm activities..

There were no evergreens on the land at the time but there was a wonderful wooded area that bordered the land on two sides. 25 acres are now planted with scotch and white pines and other varieties including blue spruce, norway spruce and canaan fir.



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